Self Storage Climate Controlled
Solutions in Stirling, Ontario

Whether you need short-term or long-term storage, storing your items with us is simple.

Storing your belongings is straightforward and easier than you think. Our friendly store team will work with you to find the right self storage unit for your needs

Our inside units allow you to load and unload inside without having to brave the elements!

Find the perfect storage unit for you.


Why Choose Us?

Our Storage Unit Sizes

What will fit in each unit?

5x10 Storage Unit

Household Items & Furniture - Beds, Couches, Chests of Drawers, Chairs, Refrigerators, Washers, Dryers Yard Items - Garden Tools, Bicycles, Outdoor Furniture etc.

10x10-selfstorage unit

10x10 Storage Unit

Furniture & Household Items from a One-Bedroom Apartment Without Major Appliances, Shop Tools, Parts, Merchandise, Inactive Files & Records etc.

car storage1

Outdoor Storage - Now OPEN!

We have more than enough space to store your cars, trucks, boats, trailers, recreational vehicles and motor homes etc.


Here's a helpful list of tips to make the most of your storage unit and increase your efficiency.

pack vertically1

Pack Vertically

Standing bulky items (couches etc) on end helps to maximize less-used vertical space and allows you to fit more inside.
line the walls2

Line the Walls

Storing your possessions along the outer walls first will be a huge benefit to you when you find your storage unit filling up.
install shelving3

Install Shelving

You can bring metal shelving to help organize your storage unit and help to make the most of the less-used vertical space.
think ahead4

Think Ahead

Store your stuff thoughtfully to save yourself a headache in the future. Be sure to put the most frequently used items near the front of your storage unit

These quick, effective tips for maximizing your storage space will help you fit your items into your storage unit, saving you time and money. And you’ll enjoy the space freed up in your home or office.

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